[ndnSIM] Integration of ndn in LTE simulations

Gustavo Gonzalez gonzalezcga at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 13:50:38 PDT 2015

First of all please receive my greetings.

I post some doubts in this opportunity regarding to the integration of ndn
with LTE.

1. When I enable the ndn feature in the script and I configure the
remoteHost (sort of Internet) as a "producer" and some enbNodes (base
stations) as a "consumer" the ndn packets can be visualized without any
problem but what it is important to analyse is the ndn traffic among
ueNodes and here the problem because as soon as I set a ueNode as a
consumer or producer, then the ndn traffic cannot be visualized. What could
be the possible cause of this?

When I set in the simulation the remoteHost as a producer and one enbNode
as a consumer and changed the data payload length to 5000 it immediately
showed me a segmentation alarm when I ran ./waf due to the MTU maximum
length (1500B) but when I tried the same configuration with the ueNodes any
alarm was shown. Do the ueNodes have a different behaviour or configuration
that should be taken into account to run a simulation like this?

The other thing is that I see the PIT table during the simulating and it
can be seen that it is erased after issuing an ndn interest, letting me
suppose that probably it received a data message using the reverse path and
that's why the entry get erased but I am not sure though.

Thanks for the hints that could be provided to solve this issue.

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