[ndnSIM] Performance of ndnSIM

Julian Wulfheide ju.wulfheide at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 09:25:27 PST 2015

how have you guys experienced the performance of ndnSIM. I try to run
simulations where 16 Consumers request 100 times per second (later on,
I would need even higher frequencies). That should not be too much,
right?! But the simulations are extremly slow. So slow that I was not
able to finish even one simulation. I have changed the routing
algorithm, but the profiler does not show any slow spots in my
changes. I also have installted tracers on some nodes, but already
increased the interval for one of them:

    ndn::L3AggregateTracer::Install (someNodes, l3TracerFile.str(),
    ndn::AppDelayTracer::Install (otherNodes, appDelayTracerFile.str());

What else could I do to increase performance?

Best, Julian

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