[ndnSIM] firstInterestDataDelay

Trade trade20122012 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 17:25:02 PST 2015

I just used the example codes exactly same(different interests) to run, 
but received the same delay for all received different data.

  ndn::AppHelper  consumerHelper("ns3::ndn::ConsumerCbr");
   // Consumer will request /prefix/0, /prefix/1, ...
   consumerHelper.SetAttribute("Frequency",  StringValue("10"));  // 10 interests a second

On 2/16/15 5:19 PM, Alex Afanasyev wrote:
> This rate is not for the same interest, but for interests for 
> different data.  In this specific scenario, within the first second of 
> the simulation, it will request 10 interests, equally spaced by 0.1s:
> /prefix/%00
> /prefix/%01
> /prefix/%02
> /prefix/%03
> /prefix/%04
> /prefix/%05
> /prefix/%06
> /prefix/%07
> /prefix/%08
> /prefix/%09
> If initial interest will not bring data, individual interest will be 
> re-transmited.
>> Alex
>> On Feb 16, 2015, at 5:08 PM, Trade <trade20122012 at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:trade20122012 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Thanks.
>> I am reading example in http://ndnsim.net/2.0/examples.html
>> Why does a consumer send 10 interested every second as below?  If it 
>> gets data for the first time, then it already contain in CS. No needs 
>> to keep requesting.
>> consumerHelper.SetAttribute("Frequency",  StringValue("10"));  // 10 interests a second
>> On 2/16/15 5:06 PM, Alex Afanasyev wrote:
>>>> On Feb 16, 2015, at 5:03 PM, Trade<trade20122012 at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>>> I see. So if in the case of multiple different data , then it should get different delay for each data?
>>> There is only one data for the expressed interest, even if the interest is re-transmitted multiple times.  Multiple interests for **different data** may result in multiple data packets back.  Depending on the scenario, delays could be different or the same.
>>> --
>>> Alex
>>>> On 2/16/15 5:01 PM, Alex Afanasyev wrote:
>>>>> There is only one received data :)  Even if by some accident another data is retrieved, it most likely will not get back to the consumer (there is no PIT entry for it).  Even if there is a way that the data actually goes back to consumer (which is practically impossible), it will be ignored by the consumer app.

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