[ndnSIM] shortestpath poblem

narjes aloulou aloulounarjes at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 15 03:04:14 PST 2015


I test it with the optimised mode, but it did'nt work. Can I use the FibHelper from 1.0 version? 

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 Objet: Re: [ndnSIM] shortestpath poblem
 À: "narjes aloulou" <aloulounarjes at yahoo.fr>
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 Date: Jeudi 12 février 2015, 7h05
 Double check that you
 have build NS-3/ndnSIM in optimized mode.  Implementation
 of CalculateRoutes internally uses Dijkstra algorithm from
 Boost graph library (which is known to be extremely slow in
 debug mode).  It should be a problem for this number of
 prefixes and nodes.
 still fails, you can compute all routes and prefixes offline
 and install them directly using FibHelper.
 > On Feb 11, 2015, at 4:55 PM, narjes
 aloulou <aloulounarjes at yahoo.fr>
 > Hi,
 > Considering a large
 catalog (10⁶ prefixes),
 "ndnGlobalRoutingHelper.CalculateRoutes ()"
 creates an infinite loop and crashes the system. My scenario
 consists of 300 nodes and I use ndnSIM 1.0.
 > Any solution to
 resolve this problem , please?
 > Are
 there any way to use ShortestPath without using the
 ndnGlobalRoutingHelper ?
 > Best Regards

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