[ndnSIM] Delay PIT and CS deletion

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Tue Aug 18 08:32:21 PDT 2015

Hi Gustavo,

> Hello Spyridon,
> First of all thanks for the answer. 
> I was wondering if the deletion of an entry in the PIT could be modified for another value different than the lifetime of the last interest received. I was thinking on a delay of 250ms because I am trying to simulate a satellite connection but I realize that a same content is issued two times because of the propagation delay (500ms) and it shouldn't be like this because the content will be forwarded but due to the large waiting time for the content then a new interest requesting the same content is issued. 

In order to set the expiration time of a PIT entry to a value other than the Interest lifetime, you will need to modify this code:


> Another question is if it is possible to have two same contents on the channel at approximately 4s of difference between both of them even when the first content was delivered succesfully. Is this behaviour because of the expiration of the interest lifetime that the consumer issues again an interest requesting the same content?

This is most probably because of the timeouts on the application side. You will need to modify the way that the consumer application retransmits the Interests.

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