[ndnSIM] link failure

Christian Kreuzberger christian.kreuzberger at itec.aau.at
Mon Apr 27 00:34:25 PDT 2015

As far as I know, Link failures are, as per the name, LINK failures, and not
node failures.
This means that in theory two nodes can still communicate via alternate

However, this behaviour depends on the forwarding strategy you use. If you
are using ndnSIM 2.0 + NFD with BestRoute, you might not be able to
experience this behaviour, if you use Broadcast +
CalculateAllPossibleRoutes() you should see the behaviour.

For examples see 

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> Does link failure refer to only one node down or "the link down but two
> nodes still can transmit message to other neighbors"?  Which one is the
> in ns3 or ndnsim?
> Thanks
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