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Wed Apr 15 23:02:29 PDT 2015

Hi Alexander,

If yea mean handover when you point to producer's moves, well I haven't found it either yet. But in here:
They've done this (I'm quoting):

"we emulated the handover process by integrating each mobile
host with multiple interface cards (each of which corresponds
to an access point within the mobile host’s movement region),
and regularly updating the interfaces (i.e., enabling or disabling)
depending on the perceived signal quality. A handover is initiated
whenever (i) the signal quality perceived by the mobile host at the
current network is not the best anymore, with respect to the signal
quality perceived through at least one other access points within
the host’s range, and (ii) the respective change in signal quality
persists for a speci?c duration."

If you ever found anything better, please let me know.


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Hello everyone,

I just start working with ndnSIM and wondering is there any way to simulate
just a simple move of producer from one node to another with use of
existing ndnSIM modules. Just to see the reaction of network on such

Alexander Ni

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