[ndnSIM] Distributed Application in CCN domain

Haroon Rashid haroonr at iiitd.ac.in
Tue Sep 30 04:32:40 PDT 2014

Dear All,

I am curious to know how a distributed application works in CCN paradigm.
Consider a scenario where an application is having three threads (logical
processes) running on three nodes (three processors of a single node). Now,
if these three processes want to communicate with each other for a certain
reason. How can I achieve the same in CCN, i.e.,  (a) how processes can
refer to each other (NAMING CONCERN) (b) will the format of Interest and
Data packets will be same as that of current packet structure in CCN/NDN.
Since, these communication messages might be very short like Hello packets
or status request of a node.

Is there any simple distributed application with which I can start working
and come out with different possibilities of communication between
processes of an application? Furthermore, I would like to mention that I
want do this in ndnSIM.  Currently, is there any support (libraries) in
ndnSIM for doing this.

Another concern I am thinking is that  I know that CCN is pull based
approach. Can I mix a push based approach for some messages in a
distributed scenario discussed above without violating CCN  paradigm?

Haroon Rashid
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