[ndnSIM] consumer attribute

ioannoa at scss.tcd.ie ioannoa at scss.tcd.ie
Wed Mar 26 12:51:47 PDT 2014

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find a way to link my tables in my simulation file with
each consumer (the consumer class). I want each consumer to have access
(just reading) on two of the tables that i define in the .cc file in the
scenarios directory. I have read about attributes and found only two

As fas as i understand though none of these would do cause:
ObjectVector still supports ns3 objects that inherit the Object class and
Vector is standard defined up to 3 dimensions.

My tables in the .cc simulation file may be different in each run
depending on the parameters that i am giving. Plus, they are of type

The question is: How could i pass these tables as attributes (or any other
way) into the consumer class?

Anyone that had something similar? Google search honestly gives me nothing.

Kind regards,

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