[ndnSIM] ddos-interest-flooding satisfaciont based pushback

fabrizio saponaro fab.batta at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 10:19:22 PDT 2014

Hi Alex,
I'm using your code for the interest glooding mitigation, but I've a
This is a simplification of my scenario:

Principal POP ----- Fake Producer
   POP A  --------- Attacker
   |         \\
   |           \ \
 Producer   \ \
                 /  \
         Client1 ... ClientN

Clients band are very low and there are some other POP connected to the
Principal POP, but only POP A has the attacker.
I'm using your classes, except for the Attacker and the Fake Producer.
Attacker, during the entire simulation, sends a large amount of interest
per second that fills the Principal POP's pit.

At the end of the simulation I can see that the most download finish
correctly, but during the time, pit is not empty as if there was no
attack (there are a lot of entry with the prefix requiered by the attacker)
I cannot explain me why, I thought that thanks to the statistics that the
node makes, the face connected to the attacker (so the face of POP A)should
be enforced to refuse all the interests that come from there.

Could you tell me what are the involved parameters?
I'm using the satisfaction-based pushed algorithm, with a grace threshold
of 0.01 and an RTT of 2 seconds, due to my settings topology needs. The
other parameters have not been touched, so I'm using your exact version
available on github.

I also notify that printing stats on the POP A, there is something strange:
-If I try to print the unsatisfiedAbs and the countAbs, I can't see all the
interfaces, but only M-1, where M is the number of links connected to this
-For the face connected to the Attacker, I see that unsatisfiedAbs = 0 and
countAbs = 49.6678. I thougt should be the same values, because there are
not datas for the fake interests.
- Printing the announce limit, there aren't announces for the attacker
prefix, but only for "good" prefix of a normal client.

Best regards,
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