[ndnSIM] consumer stop application never reached

fabrizio saponaro fab.batta at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 09:42:33 PST 2014

I notify that I've just seen that StopApplication is reached only if it's
called and if the download ends, the Consumer application continues to be
installed on the node (please correct me if I'm wrong).
But now I've a doubt. If I want to download different files from the same
node, I need to install everytime a new Consumer application, right? But,
is it possible that one node can contain several applications?
I'm thinking that if a node is downloading a file and meanwhile I install
another Consumer application on this node, it could happens that the first
ceases to download.

Best regards,

2014/1/19 fabrizio saponaro <fab.batta at gmail.com>

> Hi Alex,
> I've some consumer-window applications, I want to know when the download
> ends and so when the application stops.
> For what seemed to me to understand, when I install on a node a
> ConsumerWindow application, really I call his class parent Consumer, in
> which I call the   App::StartApplication ().
> So I tried to put a simple 'cout' in the Consumer::StartApplication ()
> function and another in the Consumer::StopApplication (). The first is
> executed, but the second never, although I can see that the download is
> finished.
> How is it possible that if the download ends, the application doesn't stop
> ?
> Best regards,
> Fabrizio
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