[ndnSIM] Global Routing: Algorithm for calculation path

Hitesh Wadekar wadekahn at clarkson.edu
Wed Dec 24 14:01:51 PST 2014

Hello Guys,

I am Hitesh, a MS student from Clarkson University. Currently, I am
exploring ndnSIM code, specially for GlobalRouter.

GlobalRouter is installing on every node, in order to calculate shortest
path. Also, while we run the application, we are giving "AddOrigin" which
is turn out localprefixes for the node (specifed). So,  overall my
understanding is GlobalRouter calculation path will update FIB for only
those specified "origin", not for all, otherwise it won't. Could you please
verify whether my understanding is right or not?

Also, It will be really appreciated if someone give me a little more
information about design strategies considered while implementing
GlobalRouter, specially for "Boost" shortest path, distanceMap, weight

Thank you.

Hitesh Wadekar
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