[ndnSIM] Redirect Interest based on Interest information

刘总真 liuzongzhen at cstnet.cn
Thu Dec 18 23:51:23 PST 2014


I add a new bit in the Interest , and  this bit is to store a Face named newOutFace. I also add a new  FIB entry using m_fib->Add (prefix, newOutFace, metric) in OnInterest method of ndn-forwarding-strategy.cc before  Ptr<pit::Entry> pitEntry = m_pit->Lookup(*interest), to redirect the Interest from newOutFace . But I find the FullDelay when tracing the Mobile Consumer is very long, e.g. even 30 seconds. Is my logic  wrong?  Could you give me some hints about this problem? Or What should I do to alter the logic?

Thanks in advance!

Liu Zongzhen

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