[ndnSIM] Overhaul the ndnSim to support wifi-broadcast

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Tue Dec 2 19:30:54 PST 2014

Hi everyone:


Recently, I have read the paper "Forwarding Strategies in Named Data Wireless Ad hoc Networks: Design and Evaluation". I am very interesting in the BF and PAF forward strategies, so I want to implementing them. But my work was blocked by the part of overhauling the ndnSim to support the multi-hop wireless communication. In this paper, the author said in the section 5 that “multi-hop wireless communication is not supported in the current official ndnSIM release, In ndnSIM a node can forward the received Interest over all its network interfaces, except the interface where the Interest arrived from. As a consequence, an Interest received on the 802.11 interface cannot be straightforwardly forwarded over the same interface to permit multi-hop communication. We have overhauled ndnSIM to circumvent this problem and support re-broadcasting on the 802.11 radio interface.…, the Network Device Face Class has been extended to create a new 802.11Face, which is responsible for the actual delivery of packets between the NDN stack and the 802.11 access layer.” 

       I have read some of the source code of ndnSim, but I can’t find out that at where I should do the work to let ndnSim to support broadcasting interests through wifi. By the way, I use NDN as the layer3 protocol without the need of IP protocol.

So I am writing this mail to seek some help. I will be appreciated if someone could provide me with some technical details. I am looking forward to your reply.


Yours sincerely 





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