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Alex Afanasyev alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu
Tue Sep 10 10:25:37 PDT 2013

Hi Wang,

From the channel you can get pointer to NetDevice (channel->GetDevice(x)).  Using netdevice pointer you can get pointer to the face, using GetFaceByNetDevice method from ndn::L3Protocol (http://ndnsim.net/doxygen/classns3_1_1ndn_1_1_l3_protocol.html#ad85486f42dff1d171f59af519079615f)


On Sep 9, 2013, at 7:01 PM, ndnSIM_beginner  <ndnsim_beginner at 163.com> wrote:

> Hi Alex
> Thank you very much! 
> I have read the advice you gave me .It gives me a lot of inspiration.
> I have known how to get devices through nodes ,and how to get channels through devices.
> By the way,how can I get Faces through channel. 
> Thank you in advance.
> Wang
> At 2013-09-06 11:53:57,"Alex Afanasyev" <alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu> wrote:
> Hi!
> You can try to check the old thread http://www.lists.cs.ucla.edu/pipermail/ndnsim/2013-March/000238.html, which may be helpful for you to get an idea how to proceed.
> ---
> Alex
> On Sep 5, 2013, at 12:01 AM, ndnSIM_beginner <ndnsim_beginner at 163.com> wrote:
>>  Hello Alex,
>> Hello,I am a beginner and my English is not good,
>> I want to achieve a set of node cooperative store.It means that if a node want to store a content,it will send  packets to its neighbor nodes.if the content in the neighbor nodes,the node can't store the content. 
>> But I don't know how to get around the node interface now.Please give some advic! e.
>>  Thanks in advance

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