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Hi Alex,

Thank you. What do you mean by "hack BestRoute strategy"?

In my code, I tried to create a secondary face for broadcasting, which is assigned a common prefix, for example "ndn/broadcasting", the the default face "m_face" is assigned specific prefix for the content. The node is able to receive the broadcasting interest, and content interest, but when the node tried to send out content, it crashed. I'm not sure where was wrong.


-- Xuan

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Hi Xuan,

As of right now, the type of Interest processing does not depend on specific prefix and is fully defined by the forwarding strategy.  If you select Flooding, then for all prefixes that have multiple faces in FIB, you going to have broadcast behavior.  In our simulation we actually used this strategy, assuming that chat data is piggybacked along the SyncData.

It is relatively simple to enable different processing for different prefixes, but this would involve creating a new strategy, which combines Flooding and BestRoute behaviors, depending on FIB prefix.  As a shortcut, you can simply hack the BestRoute strategy for that.


On Sep 7, 2013, at 6:10 PM, "Liu, Xuan (UMKC-Student)" <xuan.liu at mail.umkc.edu<mailto:xuan.liu at mail.umkc.edu>> wrote:

Hi Alex,

I have a question on how to set the prefix for broadcasting in ndnSIM. For example, my application is generating two types of interest, one type is sent out in broadcasting way, and the other type has a specific prefix. Do I need to create two fib entry at the application level? Or shall I create another face at the application level, and assign the broadcasting prefix to this second face?

In your chronoschat simulation, did you use /ndn/broadcasting/ as the prefix for broadcasting? Or did you use same prefix for all participant nodes?


-- Xuan

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