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Marica Amadeo marica.amadeo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 02:19:04 PST 2013

Dear Alex and all,
I have been working with the ndnSIM simulator for a few months.
My topic is about wireless scenarios. I'm developing a NDN ad hoc network
that uses the LIsten First Broadcast Later Protocol or a simple Controlled
Flooding scheme, while consumers employ an extended version of the Consumer
Window Application.

Working in this field, I recently noticed a suspect behavior when I tried
to set the Interest Lifetime to a value minor than 1s.
Consider, for instance, that I want an Interest Lifetime equal to 0.1s.
So the lifetime of the correspondent PIT entry in every forwarding node
should be set to 0.1s.
However, first, I noticed that the lifetime of every PIT entry was set to
the default value.
Then, by looking at the code, I noticed that the Serialize function in
ndnsim.cc assumes:

start.WriteU16 (static_cast<uint16_t> (m_interest->GetInterestLifetime
().ToInteger (Time::S)));

As a consequence, the value 0.1s is approximated to zero (A thing that I
really do not want). And, as a further consequence, the PIT entry lifetime
is set to the default value, (because it cannot be zero).

I'm looking for the best solution to support Interest Lifetimes with
duration <1s, without complicating the system.

Thanks in advance.

Eng. Marica Amadeo
University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria
DIIES Department, ARTS Lab
Via Graziella Feo di Vito I - 89100 Reggio Calabria (RC), Italy

Email: marica.amadeo at gmail.com, marica.amadeo at unirc.it
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