[ndnSIM] Some Questions about Content Store

duyabo2012 at sina.cn duyabo2012 at sina.cn
Mon Mar 18 23:55:34 PDT 2013


Hi All ,
I'm using the ndnSIM to do some experiments ,while I have an idea .
As we all know that the routers in CCN will cache contant objects they received ,what confused me is whether all or some of the routers have to cache content objects ?
If every router must install cache policy ,how to solve the redundance of data ? In my opinion we don't need to get data from our neibourhood ,actually three or four steps before we get what we want is acceptable .
So how about this ,in my university ,four of forty routers will cache content objects ,and the other thirty-six routers are just forwarders between 'consumer who send interest' and 'the four special routers' .

Thank you in advance .

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