[ndnSIM] how does "sending packet" be implemented ?

huqian huqian at bupt.edu.cn
Thu Mar 7 01:40:12 PST 2013

I have some questions about "how to send a packet ".
I found that function "DidSendOutData " in "ndn-forwarding-strategy.cc " is not implemented yet,so how does a DATA packet be sended to other nodes?
the same question about "DidSendOutInterest".
do functions "m_outInterests" and "m_outData" send out the packet actually?I am confused that how do they work.....
I try to implement that,one node can send a kind of packet defined by custom,may be not INTEREST or DATA packet.
related codes
ForwardingStrategy::DidSendOutInterest (Ptr<Face> inFace,
                                        Ptr<Face> outFace,
                                        Ptr<const InterestHeader> header,
                                        Ptr<const Packet> origPacket,
                                        Ptr<pit::Entry> pitEntry)
  m_outInterests (header, outFace);

TracedCallback<Ptr<const InterestHeader>,
                 Ptr<const Face> > m_outInterests;

TracedCallback<Ptr<const InterestHeader>,
                 Ptr<const Face> > m_outData ;

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