[ndnSIM] ConsumerWindow and Congestion

Tun Tun Oo htunhtunu at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 08:07:49 PDT 2013

Dear Alex

I did an experiment using the 8-node bottleneck scenario with
ConsumerWindows application. As topology, I arranged as similar to the
6-node bottleneck scenario.
C1\                                                        /P1
     \                                                    /
     /-------R1---------R2---------R3-------R4 \
   /                                                     \
C2                                                        P2

All the access link are 10 Mbps/10 ms  and all routers are 1 Mpbs/10 ms.
I set the Size Attribute of ConsumerWindow as 2 Mbyte and other setting as
I found the some strange behaviors from graph-output
 First 3 sec simulation two consumers are working as usual.
Next 20 sec only one consumer (c1)can send and receive.
After 20 sec two consumers can send and receive.
>From 23 sec to end of simulation (40 sec) only one consumer (c2) is sending
and receiving.

I would like to know your advice of what  is wrong in this experiment?
Thanks in advance.


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