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Tun Tun Oo htunhtunu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 23:51:06 PDT 2013

Dear All,

Now I am just start to study about how ndn Interest congestion control work.
Using the ndnsim.net's "ndn-tree-tracers.cc" and topo-tree.txt, I tested as
1. Reduce the link speed of leaf-1 and leaf-3 to 1 Mbps
2. Change the apphelper as
      ndn::AppHelper consumerHelper ("ns3::ndn::ConsumerWindow");
      consumerHelper.SetAttribute ("Window", StringValue ("1")); // Window
size default 1
      consumerHelper.SetAttribute ("PayloadSize", UintegerValue (1040)); //
PayloadSize default 1040
3. Run with ./waf run=ndn-tree-tracers, it has no error but I didn't found
any data output in rate-trace.txt

My expected result is data rate in the graph should be changed for leaf-1
and leaf-3 according to the link speed.
Pls guide me, what I am missing or misunderstanding.I am using the lastest
version of ndnSIM.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Tun Tun Oo
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