[ndnSIM] forwarding strategies with interest limits

Yaogong Wang ywang15 at ncsu.edu
Thu Jan 31 11:05:09 PST 2013

Thank you, Alex! I'll try them out.


On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 3:53 AM, Alex Afanasyev <
alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu> wrote:

> Hi Yaogong,
> I have put up a sample simulation that replicates a subset of results from
> the paper.  I will try to convert other results as well, but it will take
> more time.
> You can (everybody else are also very welcome to) check out the code and
> some ndnSIM extensions from github:
> https://github.com/cawka/ndnSIM-comcom-stateful-fw, and start playing
> with your simulations.
> Sincerely,
> Alex
> On Jan 25, 2013, at 8:00 AM, Yaogong Wang <ywang15 at ncsu.edu> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying out the forwarding strategies with interest limits in ndnSIM.
> I've gone through the documentation but am still a bit lost. Basically, I
> want to experiment with the scenario where we have 1) per-interface limits,
> 2) per-interface-FIB limits, 3) NACK and 4) ConsumerWindow as described in
> NDN-0002 technical report "A Case for Stateful Forwarding Plane". Is there
> a sample simulation script that I can follow?
> Thanks,
> Yaogong

Yaogong Wang, PhD Candidate
Department of Computer Science
North Carolina State University
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