[ndnSIM] About "ndnSIM format " and " ccnb format"

seugxj seugxj2012 at 163.com
Wed Aug 14 07:23:47 PDT 2013

Hi  Alex,
  Thank you very much for your answers.  But, I still have a questions as follows:
I want to use wireshark 1.8.6 to  analysis the traffic file  --- "ndn-simple-with-pcap.pcap "  which is in ccnb format. 
And I installed  the wireshark 1.8.6 with ccn plugins successfully  as the  README-wireshark-1.8.txt ( https://github.com/ProjectCCNx/ccnx/tree/master/apps/wireshark) indicated. There was no error in  the whole installtion .

But when I opend the "ndn-simple-with-pcap.pcap " in wireshark 1.8.6, The display is as follows:

    No.   Time        Source           Destination     Protocol Length   Info
      1   0.000000    N/A                   N/A                   0x0077   33       PPP Unknown (0x0077)
      2   0.010248    N/A                   N/A                   0x0077   33       PPP Unknown (0x0077)
      3   0.020496    N/A                   N/A                   0x0077   1063    PPP Unknown (0x0077)
      4   0.038984    N/A                   N/A                   0x0077   1063    PPP Unknown (0x0077)
      5   0.100000    N/A                   N/A                   0x0077   34        PPP Unknown (0x0077)

I think this is  not the right display. There must be something did't work  in my wireshark 1.8.6. But  I still can't find the cause after spending  a  long time.  
I also tried the  wireshark 1.6.2 as README-wireshark-1.6.txt ( https://github.com/ProjectCCNx/ccnx/tree/master/apps/wireshark) indicated. But The display was as the same as before.

Can the traffice file "ndn-simple-with-pcap.pcap "  not be viewed  in this way ?
Could you give me some advice ?

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