[ndnSIM] ndnSIM compatibility with packet loss simulation

Alex Afanasyev alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu
Sun Apr 14 22:58:26 PDT 2013

Hi Saran,

Thank you very much for your time!
I made another variation of implementation based on your code.  Instead of hard coding ErrorModel parameters, I decided to allow users to specify both specific error model, as well as error model parameters (like this ns3::RateErrorModel,ErrorUnit=ERROR_UNIT_PACKET,ErrorRate=0.9).   

Can you check out code from "feature/topology-reader-error-model" branch on github and tell me what you think (I hope it works)?

Thanks again,

On Apr 14, 2013, at 9:18 PM, Saran Tarnoi <sarantarnoi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Alex,
> I spent some time this morning to implement a simple link-error-rate configuration ability in Topology file.
> As you have told me, it's quite simple.
> I added several lines to AnnotatedTopologyReader.cc.
> Would you kindly check it.
> The usage is just adding some loss rate data in the most right column of the link section in the Topology file.
> I will added more functions and let you consider binding it to the official branch of ndnSIM in the future.
> Thanks,
> Saran Tarnoi
> 2013/4/13 Saran Tarnoi <sarantarnoi at gmail.com>
> Hi Alex,
> The simulation of different error rates on different links is my intention.
> I think It does make sense to create a solution that fits well any of error model.
> Once ndnSim is used for the simulation of multimedia streaming, the different error models may result in different quality of the received data at a destination.
> I think It is positive to have this function, though it is not necessary for my case now.
> Thanks,
> Saran
> On Apr 13, 2013 2:40 AM, "Alex Afanasyev" <alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu> wrote:
> Hi Saran,
> Do you need a precise control over which error rate is set on which link, or you want to just set the same error rate on all links?
> I think, it could be possible and relatively simple to add this function to AnnotatedTopologyReader.  Are there just two parameters you mentioned or there is something else to be configured?  I see that there are also other error models available in NS-3 (BinaryErrorModel, ListErrorModel, and ReceiveListErrorModel).  Would it make sense to create a solution to allow any of these models?   I'm not quite sure how exactly to extend the reader, so the solution is general enough...
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> Alex
> On Apr 11, 2013, at 11:12 PM, Saran Tarnoi <sarantarnoi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Dear Alex and All,
> >
> > I see an example code in ns-3 that simulates simple packet loss by setting an attribute of RateErrorMode in Netdevice.
> > I guest that ndnSIM also support this.
> >
> > There will be hundreds of links in my simulating networks.
> > I cannot do manually link configuration, so using topology file is my choice.
> > However, I have no idea how to set the ErrorRate and ErrorUnit of each link in the topology file that will be later read by using AnnotatedTopologyReader.
> >
> > If you know the solution, please give me some ideas.
> > Thanks a lot in advance for your time.
> >
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> > Regards,
> > Saran
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> Regards,
> Saran Tarnoi
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