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Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Sun May 2 18:59:33 PDT 2021

Hi Avakili

Greetings. After reading the NDN concept and documents, still, I have some
> basic question about NDN naming. When a consumer searches/requests a
> word/data  like "Baltik-Sea", with assumption that it is not in CS/PIT
> tables:

Consumer cannot request a *word*. They must send Interest with a *name*.
It is certainly possible to implement a search service on an NDN network.
In that case, a client application could send an Interest such as
/yahoo/search/Baltik-Sea that is to be processed by the specified search

1- How the name hierarchy is constructed?

Top levels of the name hierarchy are assigned in a DNS-like fashion.
Middle levels are specified by a content publisher.
Bottom levels typically follow naming conventions.

For example, one of the video packets behind https://pushups.ndn.today is
The first component is assigned in a DNS-like fashion, in this case it's my
handle .
The second and third component are defined by me, to identify a video.
The fourth and fifth components are determined by the video packager.
The last two components are version number and segment number, following
NDN naming conventions.

2- How is the FIB entry selected to build further hierarchy (eg:
> /ucla/Black-sea, /ua/Black-sea, ... ?)

FIB entries are selected by longest prefix match, provided that the
consumer should send Interests with routable names.

3- What does "Prefix" in FIB mean? is it like IP prefix in IP architecture?
> If so, how many prefix/names are saved in FIB? (Millions/Billions/ ...?)

The FIB is expected to have as many names as active websites in the world.
As you see from the example, I would announce /yoursunny via routing
protocol of global NDN network, and every other website owner would be
doing so too.

Yours, Junxiao
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