[Ndn-interest] NDN name lookup procedure

avakili avakili at ut.ac.ir
Sat May 1 09:46:48 PDT 2021

Dear NDN team, 

Greetings. After reading the NDN concept and documents, still, I have
some basic question about NDN naming. When a consumer searches/requests
a word/data  like "Baltik-Sea", with assumption that it is not in CS/PIT

1- How the name hierarchy is constructed? 

2- How is the FIB entry selected to build further hierarchy (eg:
/ucla/Black-sea, /ua/Black-sea, ... ?) 

3- What does "Prefix" in FIB mean? is it like IP prefix in IP
architecture? If so, how many prefix/names are saved in FIB?
(Millions/Billions/ ...?) 

Best Regards 

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