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Hahns Anthony Genato hahns.genato at eee.upd.edu.ph
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Hello Junxiao,

Alright i’ll try to find a way to do that.

I was also looking at ndnts, and was planning to use the segmented-object library to transfer files or info from the producer. I am trying to use it in the browser however I’m not sure where to start. Do i use the blobchunksource? I tried the @ndn/cat library but i think it just works on node.js. Do you have any examples or resources on how to setup up this process?

Yours, Hahns :)

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Hi Hahns

ndnputchunks by default creates Data packets of about 5KB, larger than typical Ethernet MTU. This in turn causes IPv4 fragmentation.
If the WSL computer is the consumer, you need to add a rule in Windows firewall to allow IPv4 fragments. Otherwise, packets cannot reach WSL container.

Yours, Junxiao

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I was trying out the ndnputchunks and ndncatchunks on two computers (one is running WSL and the other ubuntu). Both running nfd locally.

When using

(producer ) ndnputchunks -v /A < cat/test.txt

It created one chunk in the prefix /A since the .txt file was really small

(consumer) ndncatchunks -v /A

It was able to get the file successfully

However when I tried sending an image

(producer ) ndnputchunks -v /A < cat/index.jpeg

It created 4 chunks in the prefix /A

(consumer) ndncatchunk -v /A

Then it starts to have a problem it keeps retransmitting segment 0 and 1 and it cant seems to get the first two segments then it goes to an error.

              Retransmitting segment #1

# of retries for segment #1 is 15

Retransmitting segment #0

# of retries for segment #0 is 15

Retransmitting segment #1

Retransmitting segment #0

ERROR: Fetching terminated but no final segment number has been found

What am I doing wrong ☹

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