[Ndn-interest] The Reality of NDN Video Streaming

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Fri Feb 12 12:02:40 PST 2021

Dear folks

When I saw the initial iViSA demos in 2019, I started my edition of video
streaming service, as a way to test the congestion control implementation
in NDNts.
Last month, I performed some measurements on the video streaming quality,
using real world last mile connections, through an uncontrolled experiment.
I analyzed the results in my recent blog post: *The Reality of NDN Video
Streaming*, https://yoursunny.com/t/2021/NDN-video-reality/
Please have a read if you are interested in this topic.

This week I'm collecting measurements that compare QUIC transport and
WebSockets, on the first hop connection from the browser to the testbed.
If you have a minute, *please go to my website and play one of the videos
for at least one minute to help with data collection*. You can choose
either of these sites:

   - educational content: https://ndnts-video.ndn.today
   - push-ups: https://pushups.ndn.today

Browser requirement: Chrome 84-88 (desktop or Android; QUIC will be
attempted if available); recent version of Firefox (desktop only; this will
be WebSockets).
QUIC transport experiment will run through Feb 22. It is an origin trial
offered by Google Chrome, which will be turned off globally on that date.
Measurements and errors are reported automatically. In case the video
doesn't work after about 15 seconds, you do not need to wait further.

Yours, Junxiao
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