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Thu Sep 17 01:14:35 PDT 2020

I am a graduate student from the University of Science and Technology of China. The ndnfs-port is currently being reproduced according to the open source code provided in github. When starting the server, a problem occurred, as shown below: 
-1600260567 DEBUG: Ndnfs-server logging.
-1600260567 DEBUG: main: sqlite database open ok
-1600260567 DEBUG: main: db file: /tmp/ndnfs.db
-1600260567 DEBUG: main: fs root path: /tmp/ndnfs
-1600260567 DEBUG: main: serving prefix: /ndn/broadcast/ndnfs
-1600260569 ERROR: onRegisterFailed: Register failed for prefix: /ndn/broadcast/ndnfs

Hope to get your help, thanks.
good luck!
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