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Mohammad Ishfaque Jahan Rafee mij.rafee.1344 at gmail.com
Wed May 20 20:46:46 PDT 2020

Thank you for your explanation. I understand my error now.

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 7:35 PM Junxiao Shi <shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu>

> Hi Rafee
> NDN refers to a protocol, not a software.
> NDN protocol has multiple implementations, such as NDNts, python-ndn, and
> NDN-Lite. These implementations have independent codebase, and are not
> bindings of one another.
> While one could create a Go library as a binding of a C library (the only
> choice is NDN-Lite) using cgo, it may not be desirable.
> From a Go programmer's point of view, such a binding library lacks several
> important benefits that a pure Go library would have:
>    - No memory safety.
>    - Not scalable (due to the data structure design of NDN-Lite).
>    - Insecure, because crypto occurs in C, not the robust Go crypto
>    libraries.
>    - APIs would feel like C, not Go.
>    - Cannot cross compile by specifying GOOS and GOARCH environment
>    variables.
> A decent Go library has to start from scratch, not as a binding of
> NDN-Lite.
> Then, it would be go-gettable, and feel natural to Go programmers.
> Yours, Junxiao
> On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 6:35 PM Mohammad Ishfaque Jahan Rafee <
> mij.rafee.1344 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Junxiao,
>> NDN-Go doesn't meet the requirements, but NDN itself does, isn't it? The
>> way I see it, NDN-Go or python-ndn is binding for the underlying NDN
>> project. I am not talking about rewriting the whole NDN in Go, which the
>> previous maintainer did. However, if it's binding to the existing
>> well-established project, such as NDN, then it starts to make more sense.
>> And yes, this initiative is very similar to GSoC.

Best Regards
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