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Eric Newberry enewberry at cs.ucla.edu
Wed May 20 14:21:22 PDT 2020

HI Junxiao,

 From my understanding, this is something similar to Google Summer of Code.


On 5/20/2020 2:18 PM, Junxiao Shi via Ndn-interest wrote:
> Hi Rafee
> I am unsure which are you proposing?
>   * Experienced developers on this mailing list should teach NDN at MLH.
>       o Then, what should a mentor answer in "Which stack(s) would you
>         like to teach?" question on the application form? The only
>         choices are JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.
>   * Experienced developers on this mailing list should teach
>     JavaScript/Python/Ruby at MLH.
>       o Then, this is merely an advertisement.
>   * Students on this mailing list should learn NDN at MLH.
>       o Then, who is teaching?
>   * Students on this mailing list should learn JavaScript/Python/Ruby
>     at MLH.
>       o Sure, this is a useful skill. NDN has libraries for JavaScript
>         and Python developers. Once they have learned the basics, they
>         can use these libraries to develop NDN applications.
>   * NDN group should set up a mentorship program similar to MLH's.
>       o I agree. Who wants to teach, and who wants to participate?
> Yours, Junxiao
> On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 4:53 PM Mohammad Ishfaque Jahan Rafee via 
> Ndn-interest <ndn-interest at lists.cs.ucla.edu 
> <mailto:ndn-interest at lists.cs.ucla.edu>> wrote:
>     Dear All,
>     I came through this program
>     https://fellowship.mlh.io/mentors today. I also saw some mail
>     exchanges about some libraries and documentation in another mail
>     chain. I am personally interested in developing Go binding and
>     corresponding documentation for NDN. While I understand you are
>     certainly very busy and asking any of you to be a mentor in this
>     program is certainly a burdensome task. Still, I believe if
>     approved, this can provide a much-needed boost to some language
>     bindings such as Go/Rust. The final deadline for applicants is May
>     23 and I have no idea what's the deadline for mentors is (I am not
>     sure whether they are even accepting mentor application for summer).
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