[Ndn-interest] Data Validation at the Consumer side

meban meban at nehu.ac.in
Thu Dec 17 21:39:38 PST 2020

Hi all, 

I am using JNDN ver. 0.24 and NFD ver. 0.7.0-28-gf3bc3ae9. Both JNDN client & NFD runs on the same pc.I want to simulate data validation on the consumer side using a public key/certificate. 

Based on examples given in jNDN, I tried to verify the received data by implementing DataValidationSuccessCallback & DataValidationFailureCallback interfaces when defining the Consumer.java. However, it gives an error that keyChain.getFib() not supported in current security v1 (probably because jndn 0.24 not supporting it). 

Can anyone give me an example as to how 
1. Producer provides public access to stored public key, 
2. Consumer retrieves the public key, 
3. Consumer validates data using the public key. 

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