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Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Sun Dec 6 05:05:42 PST 2020

Hi Avakili

Hello and hope all are fine. I already asked for help about following
> questions in this mailing list. I hope to get your feedback for my further
> research. I already read many papers in NDN topics and just to be sure
> again I need following questions to be resolved:
> # What Networking model is used by NDN network? (eg: peer-to-peer,
> hierarchical, or like KaZa, NUTELLA...)
NDN is more than an overlay - it is a network layer protocol that could
replace IP.
Thus, NDN can use many different network models, including peer-to-peer,
hierarchical, and others.

# Apart from POINT project (IP Over ICN Goes Live) , is there any
> experienced testbed for NDN-Core network?
Yes, see https://named-data.net/ndn-testbed/

# I see that repo-ng is added as cache/repository for NDN. If I consider
> other solution then it means I will involve NDN to IP network then? How to
> facilitate this communication?
repo-ng is deprecated. Use these instead:
NDNts embedded repo https://ndnts-docs.ndn.today/typedoc/modules/repo.html
ndn-python-repo https://ndn-python-repo.readthedocs.io/

# Is there any NDN to IP communication simulation solution in ndnSIM
> already?
I'm unaware.

Yours, Junxiao
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