[Ndn-interest] NDN Research Issue, Name-Lookup in NFD

avakili avakili at ut.ac.ir
Thu Apr 23 21:54:50 PDT 2020

On 2020-04-23 03:02, Pouyan Fotouhi Tehrani wrote:

> Hi,
> I suppose it would really be helpful, if you could rephrase the research question in terms of the problem it aims to address. Better scalability/matching in which terms?
> On 16.04.20 13:00, avakili wrote: 
>> I am thinking of a model of using Key-Value Based store solutions using NoSQL databases in order to handle part of searching records (CS/PIT/FIB) of NFD routing tables. This way may have better scalability and better prefix matching management.
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Hi dear, 

I am thinking of putting/saving load of names in one node/router which
runs NoSQL database or even have separate node with NoSQL server running
inside and then for any name lookup from other nodes can contact/query
to it. 

Once names are saved in NoSQL server, using key value feature can have
"faster" name lookup and any number of nodes (scalability) can contact
NoSQL service running node to do name lookup. 

Hope to get clue for my further work from your side. 


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