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ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2020)

Montreal, Canada, September 28-30, 2020


The ICN2020 submission is now ready and open



Call for Papers

The organizing committee is delighted to invite you to submit your work

for presentation at the 7th ACM conference on Information Centric

Networking (ICN 2020), to be held in Montreal, Canada, September 28-30,


ACM ICN 2020 is a single-track conference focusing on significant

research contributions to ICN as broadly defined, and featuring paper

presentations, posters, and demonstrations.

ICN deals with all aspects of an information- or data-centric approach

toward supporting networked applications. Such an approach treats

digital objects (i.e., collections of bits) as first-class objects, and

supports identification, creation, retrieval, authentication, and access

control for such objects through a global service.

ACM ICN 2020 solicits research contributions across the full spectrum of

technologies and architectures related to ICN, including work that

advances core ICN concepts, architectures, technologies, and

capabilities; extends current ICN concepts to new networking

environments and use cases; realizes, demonstrates, and quantifies the

benefits of ICN in traditional and emerging application domains; and

catalyzes, incentivizes, simplifies, and supports ICN deployments in

realistic, operational environments and settings.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Development, refinement, and extension of existing ICN architectures

* Design and implementation of global and local information-centric

  approaches, including named-data, publish-subscribe, and distribution-

  oriented systems

* Global routing, forwarding, and caching for information-centric


* Feature advancement of ICN including policing, QoS, multimedia

  transport, and adaptive network functions

* ICN implementation approaches based on software-defined networking

  (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), or other emerging


* Experiences with application of information-centric networking and

  computation in various domains such as Internet-of-things, personal

  communications, public content distribution/exchange, etc.

* Information-centric networking as an approach in mobile and/or

  constrained environments including 5G and network slicing, vehicular

  networking, autonomous driving, and machine-to-machine communication

* Information-centric solutions for integrating big data platforms and

  machine learning frameworks

* AI/ML techniques to support ICN networks management

* Approaches to coexistence/evolution of information-centric and

  host-centric networking, including IP-based protocols in support of

  information-centric operations

* Virtualization, operation, and orchestration of named network

  resources including forwarding, storage, computation, and the

  distributed Web

* Platforms allowing specification of computations on data, and

  orchestration of such computations, including named computing

  functions at the network edge

* Software design and architectures to support ICN including testing and


* Information-centric network management including zero-conf


* Measurement and analysis of protocols, applications, and

  infrastructure for distribution of named content

* Security services including confidentiality and access control,

  authentication, and nonrepudiation, as well as infrastructure


* Privacy of consumers and producers of content objects

* Namespace management approaches, case studies, and empirical

  evaluation campaigns

* Incentives, money flow, and other sociotechnical aspects of

  information-centric networking.

Submission Details

The conference solicits both full and short papers. Submissions will be

reviewed through a double-blind process, and evaluated on the basis of

intellectual merit, originality, importance of contribution to the

field, soundness and strength of evaluation (for full papers), quality

and clarity of presentation, and appropriate comparison to related work.

Full papers may be up to 10 pages in length, excluding references,

following the ACM SIGCOMM format, and should convey the results of

mature research. Short papers may be up to 6 pages in length, excluding


Short papers should illustrate important challenges or promising new

lines of research in the realm of ICN, either through the presentation

of illuminating early research results or through the vehicle of a

well-reasoned and thought-provoking position statement. Short papers

will be evaluated primarily on their ability to contribute to the future

evolution of ICN research in light of the goals described above.

Important Dates

* Paper Registration Deadline (Long and Short): May 15, 2020

* Paper Submission Deadline (Long and Short): May 22, 2020

* Acceptance Notification: August 1, 2020

* Camera-Ready Due: September 1, 2020

* Conference: September 28-30, 2020

Organizing Committee

General Chairs

Marie-Jose Montpetit (MIT/Concordia U.)

Mohamed Faten Zhani (ETS)

Jussi Kangasharju (University of Helsinki, FI)

TPC Chairs

Ken Calvert (University of Kentucky)

Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg, DE)

Local Chairs

Irene Chan-Foy (Independent)

Treasurer, Registration chair

Kim Nguyen (ETS)

Publication Chair

Lan Wang (The University of Memphis)

Publicity Chairs

Jungha Hong (ETRI)

Hyame Alameddine (University of Waterloo)

Travel Grant Chairs

Edmund Yeh (Northeastern University)

Workshop/Tutorial Chairs

Cedric Westphal (Futurewei)

Daniel Corujo (Portugal)

Demo/Poster Chairs

Michal Krol (U. Louvain)

Diala Naboulsi (ETS)

Web Chair

Alexander Afanasyev (Florida International University)

Steering Committee Liaison

David Oran (Network Systems Research & Design)

Steering Committee

Dirk Kutscher, Chair (Huawei, DE)

Jeff Burke (UCLA, US)

Borje Ohlman (Ericsson Research, SE)

Steve Uhlig (Queen Mary University London, UK)

K.K. Ramakrishnan (UC Riverside, US)

Lixia Zhang (UCLA, US)

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