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Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for you reply.

HS Kim

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Dear ALL,

I’m reading the NDN Packet Format v0.3 Transition Plan. In the CanBePrefix Switchover section, it is described as follows.

This step discourages the use of CanBePrefix=1 to improve network performance.

My Questions are :

1. What intention do you use the “discourages” in the sentence above? Could you elaborate a bit?

This is not exactly a correct word. What is meant here is that the default setting when the flag is not set is to treat the Interest as a request for the exact name data.  And the whole point is to emphasize that library setting switch to follow the semantics of the packet spec.

2. Can I use the CanBePrefix flag in my new applications?


3. You mentioned performance degradation in the sentence above, do you have any test results about performance of CanBePrefix? If you have it, can I get it?

It is based on a simple fact that finding data by exact name is simpler (1-step process, if considering hash table implementation) than finding data that matches interest prefix (multiple matches).


Best Regards,
HS Kim
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