[Ndn-interest] Fib-entry modified

Ahmed Malik ahmedmalik221 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 4 18:23:02 PDT 2019

Hello everyone,

I was trying to modify fib-entry.cpp and i ended up only modifying this
   77 Entry::sortNextHops()
   78 {
   79  std::sort(m_nextHops.begin(), m_nextHops.end(),
   80  [] (const NextHop<https://ndnsim.net/2.0/doxygen/classnfd_1_1fib_1_1NextHop.html>& a, const NextHop<https://ndnsim.net/2.0/doxygen/classnfd_1_1fib_1_1NextHop.html>& b) { return a.getCost<https://ndnsim.net/2.0/doxygen/classnfd_1_1fib_1_1NextHop.html#adc2961b0ddd341510bf4e49f93b4cf5b>() < b.getCost(); });
   81 }

by replacing the "<" by ">",  i used best route as a strategy and changed the metric of the manual fib entry to a higher value (100), when i ran this scenario and analyzed the trace file i found better RTT results than with same fib entries with a metric equal to 1, the latency is decreased by only changing this. Can anyone, please explain to me what does this line do exactly ? and why is it producing better resulats ? thank you in advance.

Kind regards.
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