[Ndn-interest] Network inconsistency and NLSR sequence numbers

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On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 5:38 AM Viktor S. Wold Eide <
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> Thanks a lot everyone for answers with information and suggestions.
> I'll try to summarize my understanding so far. Please let me know if
> this is (entirely) correct or not.
> There are at least three main issues which currently make testing and
> use of nlsr in a dynamic environment hard / difficult and also
> inefficient network-wise.

Link state routing is bad for dynamic environment in general. You would
want something like AODV in those use cases.

> - nlsr requires backup of sequence numbers (to offline medium in case
>   of re-install).

The current implementation is, but could be avoided.

> - nlsr requires periodic global synchronized re-start (stop, wait,
>   start) of all nlsr instances in a network, to get rid of old
>   information in nlsr / sync. (nfd can be left running during re-start
>   of nlsr).

Where did you get this conclusion from?

> - nlsr requires synchronized clocks, that is, global time for correct
>   operation. (nfd does not seem to require global synchronized
>   clocks).


> Best regards
> Viktor S. Wold Eide
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