[Ndn-interest] Network inconsistency and NLSR sequence numbers

Viktor S. Wold Eide viktor.s.wold.eide at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 05:37:40 PDT 2019

Thanks a lot everyone for answers with information and suggestions.

I'll try to summarize my understanding so far. Please let me know if
this is (entirely) correct or not.

There are at least three main issues which currently make testing and
use of nlsr in a dynamic environment hard / difficult and also
inefficient network-wise.

- nlsr requires backup of sequence numbers (to offline medium in case
  of re-install).

- nlsr requires periodic global synchronized re-start (stop, wait,
  start) of all nlsr instances in a network, to get rid of old
  information in nlsr / sync. (nfd can be left running during re-start
  of nlsr).

- nlsr requires synchronized clocks, that is, global time for correct
  operation. (nfd does not seem to require global synchronized

Best regards
Viktor S. Wold Eide

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