[Ndn-interest] Network inconsistency and NLSR sequence numbers

Viktor S. Wold Eide viktor.s.wold.eide at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 03:19:09 PDT 2019

Dear list members,

There seems to be some issues regarding nlsr and sequence
numbers. This is for nlsr version NLSR-0.5.0.

Sorry if I overlooked something that is already well explained.

I have a number of ndn nodes all running nlsr and everything seems to
work well. Then after some time (days / hours) i completely wipe the
disk of one of the nodes and then reinstall the node, including the
operating system, all applications, and importantly here also ndn and
nlsr. Note that the node is re-installed with the same name as before,
also ndn / nlsr-wise.

Now, all the other nodes ignore the re-installed node. From what I can
see, they request name LSA and adjacent LSA information from the
re-installed node using sequence numbers from before the
re-install. However, the re-installed node got its sequence numbers
reset as part of the re-install. Hence, the re-installed node does not
seem to become part of the ndn network.

Assuming that I have not misunderstood something and this is the way
it actually behaves and works, the question is then how is this
supposed to be handled?

Keeping track of sequence numbers across re-install is hopefully not
an answer. I would expect that nodes must forget / delete / reset
knowledge of other nodes in some cases, and at least after some time.

What are the steps required to get everything working again?

Best regards
Viktor S. Wold Eide

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