[Ndn-interest] ndnhack7: what project would Junxiao work on and why you should consider to join

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Fri Oct 19 06:38:50 PDT 2018

Dear folks

As you probably have noticed, I am the top proposal submitter in each NDN
hackathon that I participate.
My submission stats:

   - ndnhack1: 8 proposals, 6 accepted
   - ndnhack2: 4 proposals, 2 accepted
   - ndnhack3: 4 proposals, 4 accepted
   - ndnhack4: 2 proposals, 2 accepted
   - ndnhack5: 4 written
   - ndnhack6: 2 written
   - ndnhack7: 6 proposals, 6 accepted

A question I often hear is: what project is Junxiao going to work on?
My answer is: all of them!

I may have time for only one or two projects during the hackathon (yes, I
pulled off two projects in a hackathon, see
https://yoursunny.com/t/2016/HackArizona/ ), but everything will happen at
some point.
Additionally, I maintain projects for years, and do not abandon the project
once the hackathon is over. My hackathon project maintenance stats:

   - NFD-Windows from ndnhack1: I did not succeed during the hackathon, but
   I made it working in the following months
   https://github.com/yoursunny/NFD-Windows , although it's now being
   replaced by Windows Subsystem for Linux
   - ndn-cxx logging facility from ndnhack2: It's merged into ndn-cxx
   - repo-sql from ndnhack3: I still maintain it to this day
   https://github.com/3rd-ndn-hackathon/repo-sql , and there's a project at
   this hackathon to give it a refresh.
   - Interest Digest from ndnhack4: It is an exploration project rather
   than a software feature. The results informed the design of NDN-DPDK, as
   presented in NDNcomm2018.

Why YOU should consider to join my projects?
Since projects are likely to be maintained for years, your contribution
will have a lasting impact on the community.

   1. Certificate support in esp8266ndn: Security (including trust schema
   and device onboarding) is a hot topic in IoT space, and supporting
   certificates is the first step. I control the esp8266ndn codebase, so
   merging isn't a problem, and I commit long term maintenance in the main
   2. Tiny forwarder in esp8266ndn:  Isn't it cool to have world's tiniest
   NDN forwarder on an ESP8266 microcontroller?  I control the esp8266ndn
   codebase, so merging isn't a problem, and I commit long term maintenance in
   the main repository.
   3. HMAC in ndn-cxx: So you can verify microcontroller's HMAC signature
   with ndn-cxx consumer.
   4. NDN File System without FUSE: Ever wanted an NDN version of `python3
   -m http.server` (or `python -m SimpleHTTPServer` for Python2 folks)?
   5. Modernize ndn-js: Maintainer of ndn-js has agreed to accept some of
   the contributions to the main repository. I will distribute other features
   in a separate NPM package, and monkey-patch the APIs.
   6. repo-sql Refresh: I will continue to keep repo-sql going and make it
   a viable replacement of repo-ng, until repo-ng folks either give up or beat
   me in performance and scalability.

Yours, Junxiao
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