[Ndn-interest] [ndnSIM] The 7th Named Data Networking (NDN) Hackathon Call for Participation

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Fri Oct 12 03:30:06 PDT 2018

Hi Tianxiang

1. What are the prizes? How many prizes are offered?
> We will announce the prize information soon, stay tuned:)

When are you going to announce this?

3. When is the judging session? I’m asking because I have another event on
> the same weekend. Before I register, I need to know there wouldn’t be a
> conflict.
> This part is open for discussion. For now, we plan on doing the
> presentation and judging during 4-5pm pst on Oct 21, considering there
> might be time zone differences (NIST is 3 hours ahead, don’t want people to
> stay too late). We will update a specific schedule later today on the
> Hackathon website.

“Later today” (Oct 11) has passed. I don’t see the update.

5. Due to technical restriction I won’t be able to demo or present over a
> conference call. Can I submit a 7-minute YouTube video instead? I can still
> answer questions over telephone.
> I think this can work, especially for people with time conflicts and who
> finishes early.


6. When is the pitch session?

Yours, Junxiao
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