[Ndn-interest] udp multucast group

Nicholas Gordon nmgordon at memphis.edu
Thu May 17 07:22:09 PDT 2018


Did you use the ordinary TCP/IP ping, or ndnping? If you use an adhoc 
network (and not one node acting as the AP), then you may not have had 
routes set up for IP. However, there should be a default route that the 
UDP multicast group can exploit.


On 05/17/2018 08:51 AM, yjinking at mail.ustc.edu.cn wrote:
> Dear all:
> We carried out an NDN adhoc experiment on Raspberry Pis. Two Raspberry Pis are configured in ad hoc mode and on the different IP subnet. However, by specifying face_system.udp.mcast_group in NFD configured file, Pis are configured with same multicast group. Interestingly, though one can't successfully "ping" the other, after running ./consumer, one Pi can get the Data Packet from the other Pi's ./producer.
> How to explain this result? Is there anything we configured wrong?
> Thank you!
> Jin
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