[Ndn-interest] Sending files with NDN (putchunks/ndnpoke)

Klaus Schneider klaus at cs.arizona.edu
Wed Apr 25 00:17:48 PDT 2018

On 25/04/18 00:09, César A. Bernardini wrote:
> Hi Junxiao,
> Thanks for the comments, I have tried running NDN and exchange contents 
> over udp at this time -- with and without the --pipeline-type fixed 
> option. The results were super poor to exchange 1mb file:
> The end-user delay that before I measured at 0.200s with NDN/TCP, now 
> become 0.770 seconds over UDP (and by adding the --pipeline-type fixed 
> it increased to 0.95). I repeated the experiments on different days, but 
> I am still getting this numbers.
> Any idea?

The fixed pipeline is expected to get worse results than pipeline-aimd, 
since it's not adjusting to the available link bandwidth.

Either the pipeline size is too high, then you'll see high delay and 
many packet drops. Or the pipeline size is too low, the you're not using 
the fulling bandwidth.

For you it seems to be the former case. Maybe reduce it with the 
"--pipeline-size" option. if --pipeline-size=1 is still too high, you 
might want to add some link delay.

Best regards,

> 2018-04-23 16:16 GMT+02:00 Junxiao Shi <shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu 
> <mailto:shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu>>:
>     Hi Cesar
>         I kept checking on the example and find out that the problem of
>         speed is due to an optimization that happens in the ESXi host.
>         The ESXi converts all the traffic into local traffic and
>         everything becomes just copies of memory. that explains one of
>         the problems I had.
>     That's a trick in hypervisor. It won't happen in a real network
>     across devices.
>         I went a bit further also with the analysis of the NDN traffic
>         and I figure out that there are two congestion protocols: TCP +
>         the Arizona Univ's provided cogestion protocol. I understand
>         that it has been developed because TCP was not optimized for
>         ICN. But is this protocol as necessary that is included by
>         default for all the ICN users?
>     NDN is not meant to be used over TCP.  Use Ethernet or UDP instead.
>         Shouldn't we create a patch and enable at compilation time it
>         only in case of need?
>     You can disable AIMD congestion control in ndncatchunks at runtime
>     with a command line option: --pipeline-type fixed . There's no need
>     for re-compiling.
>     Yours, Junxiao

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