[Ndn-interest] Valid Data packet from non-existing FIB Interface

Boubakr Nour n.boubakr at outlook.com
Mon Apr 9 02:30:00 PDT 2018

Dear all,

What is the normal behavior of an intermediate node when receiving a Data packet for a valid entry in PIT, from an interface does not used in the Interest forwarding of the received content.

For example, the node receives two requests for content “n1” from interfaces “f1” and “f2”. According to FIB, the Interest is forwarded using interface “f4” (only "f4" can be used to reach "n1"). However, a Data packet for “n1” has been received from interface “f3”.

Should we consider it as an unsolicited data packet regardless the name already exists in PIT table? If not how can map the allowed interface from FIB table with the received ones in PIT table? (FIB table is not involved in Data forwarding).

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