[Ndn-interest] Application of ICN in the IoT

Aisling O' Driscoll a.odriscoll at cs.ucc.ie
Wed Sep 13 05:19:12 PDT 2017

Hi all,

I'm new to the mailing list so greetings! I recently posted on the ICNRG
mailing list and Lixia Zhang kindly pointed me in this direction as a
mailing list of interest.

I'm attending the ACM ICN conference in 2 weeks so looking forward to
meeting many of you there. I recently joined the academic staff in the
Department to Computer Science in University College Cork (Ireland) and am
interested in investigating ICN, particularly its application within the IoT
and edge networks. My background is in network communication protocols,
specifically geo-routing and location service protocol design for ad-hoc

This is an area that is new to me but one that I'm interested in exploring.
If I anyone has any suggestions/opportunities for the best way to connect in
with existing work in this space or is searching for an able and interested
person to further explore some of the existing research challenges please
let me know.

A high level question for you that I would really be interested in hearing
your views on:


There seems to be a school of thought that adoption of ICN (whatever the
architecture) may never come about because of the amount of effort and money
already invested in TCP/IP. A more optimistic view is that the deployment
will most likely being a hybrid ICN over IP with a slow phase out over 20-30


Extending this to the IoT, I would foresee that a hybrid stack isn't
feasible as the goal is to lighten the stack not increase its complexity
which may not be feasible for resource constrained devices. So does
sufficient quantitative evidence exist to provide a very strong and
compelling motivation for why IoT should transition from the
CoAP/UDP/RPL/IPv6/6LoWPAN/802.15.4 stack to an ICN approach in terms of
network performance benefits OR is the argument that IoT is still relatively
in its infancy and thus a clean slate approach is still feasible given that
ICN is naturally a better fit without providing a strong migration argument?
I do note that some quantitative evaluation was conducted in a sub-section
in a paper "ICN in the IoT: Experiments with NDN in the Wild" (really
interesting paper).

 It seems like there is significant further work to be done to provide
quantitative motivation. Is this a fair observation? I'd be interested to
hear your opinions.


Best regards,

Aisling O' Driscoll.


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