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Now I feel I got a better understanding of your question (or where the confusion came in)

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> Thank you for your answer,
> In case of NDN is deployed on top of TCP/UDP/IP, we can treat NDN as an application

when talking about an NDN network, one needs to look at the world from NDN viewpoint: NDN is the network layer.
When TCP/UDP/IP tunnels are used to interconnect NDN nodes, they play the same role as physical links, as far as NDN is concerned.

> and not all a whole architecture (just to clarify my point), and all the process are based on IP process across different layers, which means there is a IP-MAC resolution to for hop to hop transmission.
> Well, what if NDN is deployed on top of L2 directly, which means NDN replaces totally IP layer. Does the concept remains the same, I saw the specification of NDNLP paper, but I still have many ambiguities in this context.
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> Dear all,
> I have some miss-understanding on how NDN deals with Data Link layer protocol.
> In case deploying NDN on top of IP protocol, does the MAC layer still need a resolution of IP-MAC address to ensure hop to hop communication over ethernet, what if the 6LoWPAN protocol is used?
> How NDN deals with Data Link layer in the case of pure NDN deployment?
> how IP deals with data link layer in case of IP deployment?
> IP uses link layer to carry IP packets
> similarly, NDN can use data link layer to carry NDN packets, either Interest packet or data packets.
> I'm not sure this answers your question, as I did not figure out what is the exact question you have in mind
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