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Thank you for your answer,

In case of NDN is deployed on top of TCP/UDP/IP, we can treat NDN as an application and not all a whole architecture (just to clarify my point), and all the process are based on IP process across different layers, which means there is a IP-MAC resolution to for hop to hop transmission. 

Well, what if NDN is deployed on top of L2 directly, which means NDN replaces totally IP layer. Does the concept remains the same, I saw the specification of NDNLP paper, but I still have many ambiguities in this context.

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Dear all,
I have some miss-understanding on how NDN deals with Data Link layer protocol.
In case deploying NDN on top of IP protocol, does the MAC layer still need a resolution of IP-MAC address to ensure hop to hop communication over ethernet, what if the 6LoWPAN protocol is used?
How NDN deals with Data Link layer in the case of pure NDN deployment?

how IP deals with data link layer in case of IP deployment?
IP uses link layer to carry IP packets

similarly, NDN can use data link layer to carry NDN packets, either Interest packet or data packets.

I'm not sure this answers your question, as I did not figure out what is the exact question you have in mind

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