[Ndn-interest] ERROR: std::bad_alloc in repo-ng

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Wed Jun 28 09:24:50 PDT 2017

Hi Alexander

> OS: fedora 22 
This is not a supported system. Can you run the same scenario with Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit (or another supported system, see platform policy <https://named-data.net/codebase/platform/documentation/ndn-platform-development-guidelines/> “build support”) and see whether the same problem occurs?

> Compiler: gcc-5.3.1-6.fc22.x86_64
> NFD and ndn-cxx version: 0.4.1, ndn-tools-0.3
This is not the latest version. Can you try git master branch?
Be sure to include commit hashes (seen via `git log | head -1`) of each repository in your bug report.

> boost: boost-1.57.0-6.fc22.x86_64
> We expected to fetch data file from repo-ng by using ndncatchanks.
> But get std::bad_alloc error in repo-ng, after which it stops.
std::bad_alloc is usually associated with a memory overflow. Run `watch free -m` to see if the machine is running out of memory.

> We have used tcp bulk to insert data into repo-ng (data was converted into tlv format before insertion).
> Here is the trace from NFD, and gdb trace from repo-ng (is attached below).

Yours, Junxiao
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