[Ndn-interest] Few observations in minindnedit

Ashlesh Gawande (agawande) agawande at memphis.edu
Wed Jun 28 08:50:16 PDT 2017

1) It is what is set by the GUI by default. You can remove the site name from the conf file and mini-ndn would use <nodename>-site as the site name.

2) If you have configured the HR coordinates (or use an example topology which has the coordinates - example minindn.conf.ucla) and turned on the HR routing then NLSR will no longer use link state information to install the routes in NFD. Each NLSR will get all the other nodes coordinates via sync. Then for each node that is not its neighbor it will calculate a distance between its neighbor and the node using the hyperbolic coordinates. This distance will be used as the cost to rank the routes. So you will see different routes and cost in HR as compared to LS.

(This is not always as optimal as Link State, but has enormous benefits in scaling. Its shortcomings of non-optimal routes can be overcome by smart strategies

See: https://named-data.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ndn-0042-1-asf.pdf for more details about HR)

3) In your experiment you can use nlsrc advertise, something like:

for host in self.net.hosts:

    host.cmd("nlsrc advertise {}".format(prefixYouWantToAdvertise))


Or you can also configure the nlsrc command in the topology using the app option on each node:


Just use one of the editors - not all at once. Example:

sudo gedit minindn.conf


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I have some questions regarding my experiment in minindnedit. I have attached the screenshot of my observation.

1) Why the router name and site name are same for all the hosts?

2) After changing the hyperbolic state of any node (off to on) what changes should be observed?

3) Here if I want to show my own name prefixes in each of the host of this network, what should I do?

If I want to make changes in the config file by accessing it with the following command
 sudo nano/vi/minindnedit minindn.conf

It is showing command not found. Is there any other way to do it?

--Thanks and Regards,
Tanusree Chatterjee
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